About Us

Background and Introduction

Jolly Seeds Educare was founded by Ms. Emily Wong, formerly a principal and a manager of five kindergarten in Singapore that is well known for its top education system. Emily is also an author of Early Childhood Education books and is currently a trainer for preschool teachers across Asia.

Emily set up Jolly Seeds Educare in 2014 backed by close to thirty years of practising, managing and researching in preschool education. She has designed progressive development programmes for babies from 2 months to children up to 6 years old. Her years of experience had brought success to children through her special way of nurturing and developing babies to pre-schoolers ready for formal school education.

Emily’s personal mission is to share her knowledge, experience and success to entrepreneurs who aspire to set up home-schooling and childcare for babies and pre-schoolers.

The story of Jolly Seed

Jolly means happy. Happy children happily coming to the school, learning happily and feeling happy all the time.

Seeds represent the babies that we are nurturing and growing into confident and successful individuals.

Educare means that we not only educate, we also care deeply for our infants and preschoolers.

Our logo

Our logo features a tree with two hands signifying parents’ and teachers’ collaboration to nurture the child. We focus on Attitude, Behaviour and Creativity.

Attitude, Behaviour and Creativity

Our colours

Green signifies nature- like a child so fresh, energetic and full of learning energetic and full of learning enthusiasm.

Brown signify the soil that provide a child’s foundation and knowledge.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is child education is based on the premise that a child’s learning begins the moment the child is born. We believe that given the right nurturing with the Jolly Seeds colours, the child will build good foundations to develop into a strong and successful person. We agree with St. Ignatious of Loyola (founder of Jesuit order) who said: “Give me a child for his first seven years and I will give you the man.” Our focus is on wholesome learning of a child in the development of Attitude, Behaviour & Creativity.

Jolly Seeds’s Vision

To plant seeds in the child’s development today, so that they will grow deep strong roots and blossom into individuals tomorrow who stand tall to protect all around them, and make the world a better place with their presence.

Seeds Today, Trees Tomorrow

Mission Statement

  • Develop the “whole child” to fullest potential through creativity and various hands-on activities
  • Instil positive attitudes, character building and love for learning
  • Challenge each child to achieve stages of development through appropriate activities
  • Provide safe and clean environment for children’s learning

Core Values

  • Committed to quality service
  • Empower children to be independent
  • Respect children’s gifts and abilities
  • Trustworthiness in relationship with children & parents

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